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This is my gallery of all things I'll post in the future.


These are all the favorite artworks that I have found on DA.


Jessie Elias
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just an not so average joe, just trying to make a lot of friends around the world!

Current Residence: 212 Debra Lane
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll
Favourite style of art: Doushinji and anime-like
Operating System: Compaq Presario
MP3 player of choice: Whatever's good, I guess.
Wallpaper of choice: Kamen Riders
Favourite cartoon character: Imoko Shishido from Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo
Personal Quote: If you fail today, try again tomorrow!
Here's my thoughts about the stuff from San Diego Comic-Con in rapid-fire succession.


Power Rangers Legacy Line:
Saba looks freaking awesome. Looks like his batteries will be in the same place as it was on the original toy/In the handle and he has 2 buttons. 1 button for sword slash noises and the second near the head is for him talking and moving his mouth. Also, I hear the thing is about 25 inches long. SO, Legacy Saba is a bit longer than the Mega-Blade? THIS I LIKE. Definitely getting Saba.

The Legacy TigerZord looks neat but they only showed it in tiger form. It was also a bit too glossy for my taste but hopefully, the toy should improve by NYCC. The raised and painted details are still amazing. May pick him up.

Legacy Titanus still looks great/Planning on picking him up though, I'm not hot about the Legacy Morpher 1995 Movie Edition. I would have preferred a set of Ninja coins instead.

The Super Megaforce stuff sounds interesting. It seems the fall line is gonna be FILLED with nothing but female keys and 6th Ranger keys along with a key that Japan never got. Only one that's coming to mind is Phantom Ranger. What do you think?

Dino Charge:
OH MY SWEET ZORDON OF ELTAR! You will not believe how mad I got with Dino Charge.

First off, The morpher looks OK. It still looks like it can still open up and accept the batteries aka the Dino-Chargers just fine/It even still has the tail-hammer on the back of the gun. The batteries themselves are a bit small but not too terrible. One pic I saw on twitter showed that the batteries are keeping the Japanese names for the zords on the back of them. Not bad. The Red Ranger figure looks neat. The gun accessory is the right color though the sword should have been silver to match up better.

And then we get to the Megazord. Let's get red out of the way right now. He's not that bad. The yellow tail is shrunken down and it may fold against the Megazord's back MUCH BETTER than Kyoryujin. Blue's Stegasaurus looks mostly unchanged/Missing a bit of silver.


It seems like the picture we got before wasn't a photoshop mistake. The Triceratops zord we see on the displays in the pics is the actual color of the toy.

TokuNation talked to a Bandai Rep and this is what they got back from him:

"We were told by Bandai. "It's purple because it's a boys toy". Ie: pink is seen as a girl toy"

Mad Minigun

WOW, BANDAI AMERICA! SEXIST MUCH? In fact, I retweeted something from a FEMALE fan on Twitter and here's what that person said:
"I am so very sick of the sexism displayed by @BandaiAmerica with toy sales for power rangers in the last few years."
"First the keys, and now this. Girls have been fans of power rangers since it started, and we have money too."
"We WANT to buy power rangers merchandise - stop pretending we don't exist."

And that's just a few of the tweets I saw. I seriously hope that the Bandai Rep we heard that from didn't know what the heck he was saying and that after the presumed backlash, Bandai will go back and fix the Triceratops. For Zordon's sake, you show off the PINK Battery of the PINK Ranger right on the showroom floor. And I can bet cash money kids are likely gonna ask "Mom, why is my toy purple when the show shows it as pink?"

If they still don't change the color of the Triceratops, I welcome all commissions for that Megazord with OPEN ARMS.

So, that's what my thoughts are about the reveals from SDCC at the moment.

Most of the Legacy stuff is cool, so picking up Saba, may pick up the TigerZord, happy about the ranger keys, but I'm ticked about the Dino Charge zords. Let's hope we can get some more clarification about the Triceratops from someone who knows a bit more about it.

If you have thoughts, let me know in in the comments below.
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Do you think you can get all the motorbikes from BattRide War?
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I have all of the bikes.

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by any chance do you have any zoid models?, IM just needing a shield liger and a blade liger, I have the zero liger in normal, jagur, snidier and pandser, but I want to have a shaeild for a character IM pllaning, and a blade for a custom void for DX as his form shift as a fang blade liger
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